Friday, July 4, 2014

Some changes...

Well, come September Lessons on the English Longsword will have been in print for four years. And while we've only just made enough from our meager share of the profits to almost buy that bus pass (no joke), considering the fact that it's a niche-of-niche market item, we're simply glad it's still going; particularly given the very rough start it had, with the heated, reciprocal talk of lawyers, the looming specters of threatened lawsuits and counter-lawsuits (hey, when compelled, I give as good as I get, however reluctantly), as well as all the rest of the drama with "You Know Who" and the Red & Black Brigade, and everything that came after that. It's a small book, but important to a few dedicated people. Thanks for your support.

As you have no doubt noticed, the juices have run dry here. There have been a few changes, and most of the content has been removed. This reflects changing priorities in our lives. While I can still muster plenty of fighting spirit when the situation calls for it, I'm no longer half as combative as I once was, and so much of my inspiration comes from fighting against something I disagree with. And while I still disagree with tournaments, bad interpretations of guards, most of the certification programs out there, etc., I've mostly lost interest. Couple this with the fact that I'm a rapidly-aging neurotic with ever-increasing hypertension. Unneeded stress is not something I'm searching for. It might just be the thing that kills me (again, no joke).

So, thanks again for the support you've  all offered the blog over the years.

And don't count this place out yet, there may be a revival in the future...maybe.

All the best,


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