Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thinking Outside the Bug-Head

Attention Sportfechter : What a real helm of the Chivalric Era looked like - replica of German Schaller circa 1470. (Steel Mastery EAS-03)
That Victorian skeuomorphism, that Olympic fencing abomination, that ultimately unsafe safety-gear, that ugly bug-head, which practically every fencer has had to wear & forbear in fencing practice, which can fail just like anything else, is going to fall to the wayside someday, it shall be evolved-beyond, it is not satisfactory. You know it, I know it, everybody bloody well knows it.

Only one other guy at another web-log has had the guts to question this bullshit, that being Devon Boorman of Canada, the leader of the one major non-evil fencing group in Vancouver BC.

Pursuant to that, I remind everybody, yet again, that we can think up a superior system. We can consider possible mask-helm / helm-mask systems for the schizophrenic modern pursuit of de facto synthetically armoured Bloszfechten. We can look to other things of far superior materials and intelligenter design and better concussive protection as the base for a new head-neck-face safety-system. We do not have to be beholden to the mesh-globe headgear forever. We must use some imagination.

Consider any of these half-dozen modern things to serve as the main element of a superior system to replace the bug-head.

Thing 1

There, there, there...I just gave you mo-fos more than you deserve, yet again, in yet another of my quixotic efforts to get you to change your minds, to get you out of your stagnant mindset, to get you outside that box around your head and into new and better possibilities.

And one more reminder : Johannes Liechtenauer will have his revenge on Atlanta. ~ JH