Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bestest Sportfechter Armour Ever

Well, well, well...It seems that the Sportfechter now have the perfect "tourney kit" i.e. synthetic armour - for their superior endeavour, for their full-speed sparring, for their acceptabe behaviour, for their public fencing, for their not-being-candy-asses. Just grab a fashionable feder, and a historical fencer is good to go. (Hey, at least it has a real helmet instead of a bughead.) Do not even have to crowd-source fund the thing first. So hop on the next flight to that invitational tournament and whack away at each other to score the most points. Do not forget to say hello to Mom via the live web-feed. Enjoy your beers at the steakhouse afterwards. Collect all the trading cards. Throw that copy of Talhoffer into the trash the next day:

Acknowledgements to Stevie Thurston of the British Empire for alerting me to the existence of UWM.