Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tourney Scoring Adjudication

Dear Tourneyeurs of Historical Fencing:

Unless you all have the volition and capital for electrical scoring adjudication, as for example Olympic Fencing, then Historical Fencing must utilise some reasonably consistent & proven natural model/method for its own scoring adjudication, as for example Kendo.

Although Kendo is not perfect in its scoring adjudication, it has devised a way which has worked for decades, and is evidently a lot better than the contentious paradigm of Historical Fencing tourneys.  Just take a look at this videographic example of how confident, indeed almost doubtless, these collegiate kendoka are at scoring their own matches without benefit of a judge/umpire to make the calls:

Plus you need to do something about this "after-blow" rubbish, which (among other things) recent events have shown is prone to becoming the most absurdly abused and injurious gaming-device of your matches.  Perhaps get rid of it altogether, since it is, quite literally, getting out of hand.

And everyone ought finally to admit that sportive bouting does not really replicate the deadly struggle of Kampf or Ernst, rather at best it is similar to what was called Scherz or Schimpf.  Do not keep deluding and dementing yourselves that such makes you ready for survival of a judicial duel!  Your training for what works in Modern tourney-fencing does not necessarily make you fit for what was needed to win Medieval swordfighting.  You need to realise that.  You need to get real.

None of the aforesaid was meant to disparage or discourage you folks or your chosen activity.  You are going to do what you want to do anyway.  Which means you shall keep treating those persons truly pursuant of Chivalric Arts as outsiders, and keep rejecting them from your events, and keep marginalising them amid your precious InterWeb, all while you moving your activity further away from martial art to combative sport.

Indeed, as much as I dislike your efforts, I might even toast your success with Rumple Minze, as long as you were buying the shots. ~ JH

*(Edited by author post-premier for sake of syntax and lexis.)

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