Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Dear Historical Fencers

This is my final post of a related trilogy of posts:

Recently I had a Revelation.  This was the direct result, after years of not doing so, of opening my doors of perception again.  (Some of you may understand the meaning of that.)  So last Saturday, I went up into North Portland, into the apex of this urban pentangle.  I got high above the rest of the city.  Very high.  It was the view from Eternity.  When I came down again, I had gained clarity.  Thus I came to a forgone conclusion which was forgotten yet not forsaken, whereby I may now move forward to find the Fechten that I want to make manifest in my life.  The answer was quite simple, really.  Maybe I should explain:

I realised that just as a kenjutsuka ultimately should want to go to Japan herself to learn Kenjutsu correctly, then likewise a fechter should want to go to Germany herself to learn Fechten correctly.

I realised that the American swordsmanship scene, with its major tendency for gamey tourneys and sportive competitions, shall never be my way to swordmastery.

I realised that it is not worth it to try to keep making friends, or to gain the understanding of peers, here in that scene of my native USA.  To paraphrase a really good song:  I tried hard to have some brothers, but instead it went all bad.  I just want you to know that I do not hate you anymore.  There is nothing I could say that I have not thought before.

So you historical fencers here in the USA shall keep holding your fencing contests and forumitic discussions.  Hereafter, I do not ever intend either to attend the former or to partake the latter, just maybe announce new projects and so forth.  So hey guys, do your thing, enjoy yourselves, good luck.

However, there are still fencers here in Oregon with whom I intend to keep good company, and fencers in Utah and Arizona whom I well intend to meet someday.  But otherwise, I aint got no reason otherwise but to save my nickels for an eventual & hopeful journey to Germany someday to work with fencers there.  Where I hope to meet friends and make friends.

Well, I guess that makes it clear to everybody. ~ JH