Saturday, February 16, 2013

Choke-Slam the IOC

I am outraged—this is an outrage:

The International Olympic Committee has chosen to forsake Wrestling (Freestyle & Greco-Roman) for inclusion at the 2020 Olympics—as may be read in these three journalistic articles:

Some characterise that it was either a choice between either Modern Pentathlon (fencing, riding, swimming, shooting, running) or Wrestling.  I think that is mischaracterisation.  Whatever politics or favours were played successfully on behalf of Modern Pentathlon, it would be a shame to have lost either it and/or Wrestling.  Both are worthy martially founded sports of European heritage with transnational appeal and participation.

If anybody wants to suggest some phony sports to nix or disconsider, then how about golf, squash and wushu?  Now let me focus again upon the loss of Wrestling.

Here are my fourfold reasons for keeping Wrestling as a primary Modern Olympic sport:

1. Wrestling has heritage all the way back to Ancient Greece and its Olympics

2. Wrestling is a sport of complete physical & mental fitness whose performance relies only upon the athlete’s own body & mind.

3. Wrestling is the most primal of sports that teaches the athlete useful self-protection.

4. In any event Wrestling should not have validate itself beyond that with concerns of modernising, or fashion, or lucrativity.

Here is my argument as to why the IOC “vote” was nothing more than self-invalidation:  The vote was utterly undemocratic, i.e. the affected people got no vote.  Wrestlers were not allowed to vote—i.e. every wrestler everywhere did not get to vote, yet every wrestler everywhere is expected to abide this decision.  The vote was made secretly by an elite group of corrupt politicians called the IOC. The IOC “president” Jacques Rogge was too cowardly to vote at all.

Here is what I think should be the way it is decided:

If Jacques Rogge were man enough to wrestle and beat any singular living past Olympic wrestling gold-medal champion of his weight class and approximate age, then the IOC gets its way.  Yet if the champion wins, then Wrestling gets its way.  Perhaps the challenger could be the legendary 1972 Olympic wrestling champion Dan Gable?  I for one would enjoy witnessing DG choke-slam JR in a match of Ernst-Ringen.

So what do you say, JR?  Shall this be decided in true & heroic Olympian spirit by a real athletic competition?  Or are you and your IOC cronies going to decide this by the usual Machiavellian/Byzantine/Clementine machinations?

I mean really:  What kind of people are they?  As the song says:

They’ve only got their job to do
That's why they’ve got it in for you

By J.Hull