Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Von Blücher Versus Napoleon

Inspired by the illustrious Mr. Marsden's ongoing fixation with Napoleonic fencing, I undertook to search the amazing InterWeb with terms Von Bluecher plus fencing and - Abracadabra! - this image of miltary duelling was found!

Click it to expand and check it out goodly readers:  See how the mighty Field Marshal hews with his trusty sabre to smite the wretched Emperor foining with his nasty rapier.  Attending the former are a couple of reserved German burghers with smoke & drink, plus a ready Russian cossack & horse with lance.  Attending the latter are a trio of gesticulating French generals with their own rapiers.  And last but not least, a dignified British sailor with cutlass stands centred to adjudge the highly important fencing match.

Even Baron Munchausen would be impressed  ;-)

My thanks to these entities for providing access & information, wherefrom more may be learnt about that very entertaining political cartoon:

Die Fechtstunde (The Fencing Lesson) (1814)
JG Schadow (1764-1850)

Ja Wohl!

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