Friday, December 21, 2012


Yes - he is a dear friend of mine.  He just wanted to make merry, and we are indeed enriched thereby.

He actually owns very nice replicas of Type XI and Type XII riding/arming swords which go accurately with his Teutonic knight kit, as opposed to the nonetheless-fun sparring-quality light sabre.  That circa 1250-1300 replica kit he wears is quite authentic, and includes custom-made great helm; riveted flat-link maille hauberk, round-link mitts & coif; wool surcoat, linen tunic & trewes, linen & flax arming hood; leather persian boots, etc.  He may add ailettes later plus, unpictured here, he does have a nice triangle/cavalry shield as well.

As the other anachronism of the electrical wall clock suggests, it is almost the 11th hour, and so I shall leave it at that.  Enjoy!

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