Thursday, September 13, 2012

Revisionism Amuck

Yet again, Lords and Ladies, he who was nobody's friend:
King Richard III of England
Well it seems it has finally happened.  They finally found the skeleton of that revolting wretch, that complete cretin, that bloody bastard : King Richard III of England.

The revisionist nutcakes of some Evil Richard Cheerleading Society or other are finally going to get to give him his "due" burial with honours as an English monarch.  He whom they call the last of the Plantagenet kings.  Well folks, a Richard I or an Edward III was he not.

No noble benevolent golden-haired benefactor, R-III deserves to be recalled only as the monster that he was: Child-murderer, woman-abuser, kin-slayer, kingdom-usurper and just plain wicked tyrant.

However this only seems part of a recent larger disturbing revisionist pattern evinced in these our modern times.  A pattern consisting of a variety of things, not necessarily related, some minor and some major.  Yet nonetheless all parts of a pattern, supposedly for sake of "tolerance" - yet not for truth, but for falsity.  A pattern which includes the following abominations:

~ The smug Wikileaker deserves to be excused for his crimes against women because his so-called "free speech" actions have somehow ennobled him which somehow trumps their rights to bodily sanctity.

~ American embassies deserve attack by the chthulhuian mind-flayed minions of Mahound because of some piss-ant YouTube video that the US President feels the need to apologise for, yet does not once say the word "murder" regarding the slaughter of the brave diplomatic & security personnel, and does not once say "freedom of speech" when well he should, howsoever piss-antic said video may have been.

~ The Dictator of ARMA deserves to have his verifiably & demonstrably wrong unterhau-interpretation of Krumphau sympathetically revisited and seriously reconsidered, because no mere mortal may instead justifiably adjudge it incorrect by simply reading and comparing it to what the hell the real historical German Fightmasters had to say about Krumphau.

Unfortunately, the rubbish just goes on and on and on.  Like Captain Willard said, it gets so deep that you need wings just to stay above it all.

I only hope that the study of this skeleton may confirm what the contemporary poet & soldier Guto'r Glyn (circa 1435-1493) stated, perhaps apocryphally, that during the decisive Battle of Bosworth/Atherstone (1485), where the forces of Henry VII decisively defeated those of Richard III, the king-slayer was Welsh trooper Rhys ap Thomas (1449-1525), who struck the princes' murderer's royal poll with his trusty pollaxe.

Enough of all that then. ~ J.H.