Friday, August 3, 2012

Thibault gets it wrong!

What a whopper!

I know I've mocked the inscrutable Thibault before, but this just confirms my sentiments. He has taken the cake, eaten it, and regurgitated it only to stuff it back down again! And the few wet, stinking, crumbled remnants clinging to the bile dribbling from his chin stand as irrefutable proof positive of his schoolboy howler.

A quick glance at the picture above will reveal the full, unadulterated, unalloyed, undiluted horror of which I speak. To wit, Thibault gets Vom Tag wrong not once, but three times in the same picture! And regard it well, for it's not only wrong, but it's that awful "walkie-talkie" VT that we all know is inferior and would never be utilized by a real swordsman. Let this abomination sink in totally, now. What a grotesque sight it is! The pommel is nowhere near the navel, the blade resteth not upon the bicep. They actually look as if they mean to cut with both torque AND drop! Alas, if only our modern practitioners could go back in time and educate the man who actually lived during a time when some of this stuff still saw action.


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