Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Talhoffer Presents the Stroke Aventure cause of stroke auëture is callyd...
...for a ma tnyth hys bak to hys enmy.


A P.S. from the honorable Rex Dale Metcalf:


B & C said...

John Clements will have a "year old" epiphany in "editorial" form about this in a few months. Something to look forward to. -B.

JH said...

Yes thanks for that material!

Absetzen exists in both Fechten and de facto in Kenjitsu.

Talhoffer's actions range from basics to advanced - and his captions are so stark as to actually aid the modern, even Non-Deutsch-speaking, scholar. He just requires some insightful analysis sometimes ;-)

I have made my opinion on this subject courteously known to our friends at HROARR, as you may read there, adjacent to its relevant article.