Monday, June 25, 2012

Call it a Weapon

...And now, for a word from your friend and mine, Mr. W. F. Cain III (Esq):

We call a weapon a weapon because it has a unique purpose among tools - doing harm. A weapon is made to harm and to kill, no other tool is made FOR this explicit purpose although many can be used as such. Thus, it is with a measure of responsibility that I will only ever call a weapon what it is - I am acknowledging the historical and social context of the weapon. True, we don't use swords the way they were meant to be used - that task has rightfully been ceded to the gun. But we train in an art that if applied can and will kill people. Call it what it is, because it reminds us of the moral, philosophical, and personal responsibilities associated with what we call a weapon. 

I think that gets a point similar but slightly different to what Casper was elucidating.

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