Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Academia-Museum Complex

Richard III, most wicked King of England, and de facto mascot of the AMC.
After I saw this at SPUMA, I just had to post a comment here, which may or may not get approval to be seen there (e.g. because my previous one there is still pending), which consisted of the following verbatim:

Honestly, when I see the "experts" seriously considering "Video Game Medievalisms", it makes me question the priorities of the Academia-Museum Complex.  My peers and I in the field of Chivalric Arts get to work thankless labour jobs just to survive, even as we revive the martial arts of German knights via the Fechtbuecher of Talhoffer, Von Danzig and Ringeck, not only through our trascriptions & translations but also our athletic interpretations thereof.  All while the "experts" discuss Warcraft and eat cake in Kalamazoo.  How delightful  :-(

That said, I actually like the articles that are posted by the two professors at SPUMA and hope that they keep doing their thing there.  I really hope that they continue to prove engaging and shall not take my commentary personally, yet instead professionally.  If not, then so be it. ~

PS: For once I generously allow reader commentary to this post, out of fairness, since this very post is about commentary.


Unknown said...

Wow. I can't believe that video games are being taken seriously in academia when so many have been sneered at for mentioning historic fighting or fechtbucher in history classes.
My profs would never have taken a second glance at a conference about video games.

JH said...

Hello Unknown

Thanks for your support and commentary. Yes, I actually had an excellent Medieval history professor at university who, as an academic, would have disliked the attention given such frivolity by the AMC.