Friday, April 30, 2010

Mutual Validation, or Carefully Worded "Lack of Due References?"

Let's hope for the former. We're not judging. But you can!

The ARMA director’s recent article:

Our thesis placed online last year:

One is far more comprehensive, and the other veers off half-way through onto another topic. But whether termed “Pan-European,” or merely possessing a certain “Interrelatedness,” all roads do indeed lead to Rome, in more ways than one.

Hopefully our work will continue to educate ;)

History repeats itself, though it has been far worse in the past.

Check it out...We put this out last year:

And this came out shortly thereafter:

Perhaps we just think alike.

Oh, God!

This one is worth a follow-on read:

Watch your backs! It’s …crazy… out there.