Monday, October 19, 2009

The Agile Krumphau Defined

Here is a new article about the krumphau that is quite literally definitive. Defined, clarified, and explained (though not a tutorial; it assumes one knows a thing or two about the technique). This material has been held privately and within the Dragon's Tail School of Defense for quite some time, but it seems the proper time to make a public version for the benefit of all practitioners.

Though it is a very straight-forward technique - that is to say, there are a variety of techniques utilizing the krump principle in the fechtbucher - and though most practitioners actually perform it more or less correctly, they often do not know exactly what defines it or why it is performed the way it is. A few out there, however, get it entirely wrong due to that same seed of misunderstanding.

It is a bit much for the blog format, so it is being graciously hosted as a quickly downloadable PDF file at the following link:

Enjoy, and as always, you can post feedback here or e-mail it to me privately.

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