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Middle English Word List

I promised this a while ago.

Then I forgot about it.

The following list of words have mostly fallen out of use, but are still cool. It is useful in illustrating just how diverse a language Middle English was. Anyway, here it is:

Abatyd: demolished or destroyed. From Old French.

Abide: delay, ward, stay fixed, wait, defend. From Old English.

Ac: but, and; furthermore. Old English.

Acces: attack, assail, assault. Old French.

Adunest: attack with din; a noisy assault, as in battle. Old English.

Affraye: attack. As in to enter "the fray." Old English.

Agon: pass away; gone. Old English.

Alder-grattyst: greatest of all, supreme; all powerful. Old English.

Alder-next: the closest of all, the very nearest; the heir apparent. Old English.

Armes: deeds of arms. Old French.

Ascryed: screamed at, shouted at. Old Norse.

Athel: nobleman. Old English.

At-hold: restrain; lay hands upon; forcibly prevent. Old English.

Auntur / awenture / aventure / auntre : adventure; fortune; risk; a potentially dangerous undertaking.

Bare: without armour; open. Old English. Bare fencing?

Baret: fighting. Old French.

Beme: Tree. Old English.

Bigog: "by God." Old English.

Bisne: poor-sighted. Old English.

Ble / blo: colour; bright; complexion. Old English.

Bo: as well. Old English.

Boydekyn: dagger. Unknown, possibly Old Welsh.

Bokeler: buckler. Old French.

Bryniges: coats of mail. Old Norse.

Brode: wide-eyed; open-eyed; wild; mad. Old English.

Burdez: women. Old English.

Cayser: Emperor. Latin.

Caytif: wretch; worthless person. Old French caitif.

Camelyn: finest material; silk. Unknown.

Camuse: pug-nosed. Old French.

Carle: man; warrior; fellow. Old Norse.

Carlemen: warriors. Old Norse.

Castel-weorces: building of castles. Anglo-Norman + Old English.

Cautellis / kautelles: spells (magic). Old French.

Chace: drive, drive back. Old French.

Chauntre: singing. Old French.

Childer: children. Old English.

Clivre: claw. Old English.

Cnokez: strike. Old English.

Coyfe: cap. Old French.

Cokeres: leggings, chausses. Old English.

Comynlych: usually, in general. "Commonly." Old French.

Cos: kiss. Old English.

Craft: doings; skill; might; ability. Old English.

Crafty / craefig: cunning; skilled; wise; learned; powerful. Old English.

Culle: kill. Old English.

Daubynge: plastering. Old French.

Delvare: digger. Old English.

Deovel: devil. Old English.

Derfe: Mighty; strong; powerful. Old Norse.

Derfly: boldly. Old Norse.

Dynt / dunt: stroke; powerful blow. Old English.

Dysors: minstrels. Old French.

Dyvers: various; manifold. Old French.

Dom / doome: judgement; law; doom. Old English.

Domesman: judge. Old English. "Doomsman."

Douth: military company. From root for "doughty." Old English.

Draf: rubbish, refuse; chaff. Old English.

Drapen: killed. Old English.

Fust: fist; hand. Old English.

Glowande: shining; glowing. Old English.

Gome: man; knight; person. Old English.

Grennin: gnashing teeth. Old English.

Grot: small detail. Old English.

Grubber: digger. Old English. Root of "grubby."

Grurefule: terrible. Old English.

Ichave: "I have." Old English.

Hali: holy. Old English.

Heredmen: courtiers. Old English. "Hired-men."

Herken: harken, listen. Old English.

Himward: towards him. O.E.

Hyre: wages; income. O.E.

Ho-so: whoever. From O.E. hwa + swa.

Hote: passionately. O.E.

Hus: house; monastery. O.E.

Ic: I. O.E.

Ich: same. O.E.

Idel: vain. O.E.

Iwivet: married. O.E. From O.E. wifian, "wif(v)ed," with wife.

Kaisere: emperor. Latin.

Kealche-cuppe: drunkard. O.E.

Kene: brave; sharp. O.E.

Keorvinde: cutting; sharp. O.E.

Kepe: control. O.E.

Kynde: nature; kindred; species; kind; one's folk. English-kind.

Layth: hateful. O.E.

Lich: corpse. O.E.

Lyhte: bright; light. O.E.

Macers: mace-bearers, warriors armed with maces. Old French maissier.

Maei: male kinsman. O.E.

May: girl. Old English.

Mayn: great; strong; powerful. O.E. "Main."

Mayster: master; knight. O.E. maegester / O.F. maistre.

Malskred: bewildered. From O.E. malscrung "enchantment."

Meast: greatest. O.E.

Mordre: murder. From O.E. morþor.

Nist: knew not. O.E.

Noþerward: downwards. O.E.

Onoh: enough. O.E.

Oo: all the time, constantly. O.E.

Ord: point. O.E. Cognate of German ort / ortt.

Oþerwhile: at another time. O.E.

Oversithon: too often. O.E.

Panne: top of the skull, brain-pan. O.E.

Pinin: torture. O.E.

Plate: plate armour. Old French.

Popper: slang for dagger. from Middle English poppen, to "strike."

Quile: time; an occasion. O.E.

Rede: counsel; advice; action. O.E.

Renke / rynk: warrior, knight; man. From Old English rinc "fighter," and badurinc "battle fighter / warrior;" a cognate of German ring, from which ringen is derived. O.E.

Schitworde: foul language. "Shit-words." O.E.

Schoter: archer. O.E. "Shooter."

Seld: shield. O.E.

Slode: fell; to fell or slay. O.E.

Soþe: truth. O.E. "Sooth."

Sse: she. O.E.

Sted: horse, steed. O.E.

Stel-gere: armour, harness; weapons. From O.E. stele, "steel" + Old Norse gervi, "gear." "Steel-gear."

Swart: black. O.E.

Sweord: sword. O.E.

Swike: traitor. O.E.

Swynes-hed: swine's head; sluggish or stupid person. From O.E. swin, "swine" + heafod, "head."

Swogh: soft noise. O.E.

Þitherward: towards there. O.E.

Þilke: that one; the same one; the same ones. O.E.

Uncouþe: strange; foriegn; improper; unknown. O.E.

Vaire: beautiful. O.E.

Vlesch: flesh. O.E.

Wai: alas! Old Norse.

Weder: weather. O.E.

Werre: war. Anglo-Norman.

Wight / wyht: person, entity, creature; demon. O.E.

Wycked: wicked; vicious. From O.E. wicca, "wizard."

Wotte: to know. O.E.

Wraeken: to avenge. O.E.

Wrakeful: vengeful. O.E.



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