Monday, April 20, 2009

To Whom it May Concern

As I’m sure many of our readers within certain circles are aware, we have been weathering attacks from a solitary individual, both upon our reputations, credentials, and on our book, the most major of which was a petty, apparently jealous, and long-winded list of lies, to put it bluntly. These lies were primarily about myself, but also about my coauthor Brandon, and about our book, and they encompassed ridiculous claims about our experience, our character, integrity, and our honour, values and ethics; things we hold dear, all in an attempt to belittle us and to take credit for our abilities, knowledge and work, as if we were somehow beholden to him. Among them are also threats to the ARMA membership (of which we are not a part), and claims that legal action has been sought; all summing up to a boycot of our book.

There is no need to reprint any of this person’s shameful, libelous trash here (though we certainly could if forced), but these passive-aggressive maneuvers and other petty, obviously cowardly actions have even included threats to our publisher, and the slandering of us and our work where we are unable to defend ourselves, and accusations of thievery and defamation. This person has never even attempted to contact us, in any fashion, as to any possible concerns (what does that tell you?), even going so far as to tell people that their values “are seriously out of whack” if they so much as want a detail on his accusations, and that they cannot “safely” do anything but remain entirely on his side in the matter. And after all that this character has done, we could easily attack his many, many weaknesses, blunders, failures, incompetencies, indiscretions and insecurities, but do we?

Suffice it to say that we have taken many measures to defend ourselves and our work and keep it from being stolen away from ourselves and the community in several ways. We have turned our cheek on this matter more than we have had to. Every iota of a lie that this person has slandered us with we can tear apart with our own proof (yes, proof) and we will fight any such threatened attacks tooth an nail; we will not pay for our troubles.

Therefore, if you have been directly exposed to this irrational garbage, and you have any doubts as to just what it is, we, unlike our accusatory whelp, have nothing to hide on any such matter and you may contact us with any specific questions on any point. We sincerely hope the matter soon ends. We may have the moral high ground, but what that gives us is a moral buckler, while our attackers have trebuchets of shame at their disposal.

This person has slandered the character of many an ARMA member to resign or be forced out in the recent debacle, and seemingly, being his biggest blunder of late, his attempted damage control and attempts to save face by falsehood have only caused further disgrace, spurring many more resignations.

On that note, I read this recently and thought it relevant. It’s a bit from the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler (from the Art of Happiness) on spiteful little men:

“...Such people suffer from a kind of nagging sense of insecurity and fear. ...It’s well known that the two main features that made up his personality were his ruthlessness and his suspiciousness. He viewed ruthlessness as a virtue... His suspciousness was legendary. His fearfulness and suspiciousness of others eventually led to massive purges... But he still continued to see enemies everywhere. In the end he even turned on his most faithful staff.”

“...projection---unable to accept that we have a problem, we unconsciously project it onto others and blame them for our suffering: “Yeah, I’m miserable. But it’s not me that has the problem; it’s someone else who has the problem.”